reusable vacuum bag and bag press supplier Silicone rubber vacuum autoclave bags supplier to the composites industry

Reusable silicone rubber vacuum bags, silicon rubber intensifiers and  custom vacuum presses for the composite industry 

Silicone Rubber Vacuum Bags And Components For The Composites Industry 

We provide reusable silicone rubber vacuum bags, silicon rubber intensifiers and  custom vacuum presses for the composite industry and specifically the aerospace, automotive and woodworking industries.






Custom built reusable silicone bag

Silicone Rubber Vacuum Autoclave Bags

Vacuum forming is a tricky, time consuming process and rubber vacuum bags and bagging systems can replace this. Being a quicker fit, more reliable and reusable up to 500+ times even with unskilled labour our range of presses and vacuum bags are the way to go.


Advantages of silicone rubber vacuum bags

  • Our reusable silicone vacuum bags are a more environmentally friendly alternative to Nylon bagging film, creating less waste for your company


  • One rubber vacuum bag can replace 300+ nylon vacuum bags which will go to a landfill
  • A rubber vacuum bag can be fitted in seconds when nylon bags may take 10-60minuites
  • An improved component finish is usually achieved with a rubber vac bag
  • Unskilled labour can easily fit a rubber vacuum bag
  • minor bridging will not result in a burst rubber vacuum bag as can happen when using nylon 


Bench Presses

 We offer a wide range of Vacuum presses on light weight aluminium frames for application on a wide range of component manufacturing. We can offer smaller transportable presses, trolley presses and fold away presses with varying rubber silicone membranes. 

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The applications of our vacuum bench presses include:

  • Processing of carbon fibre
  • Processing of metal bonded components
  • Vacuum forming laminated timber and solid surface products. 

 Custom built vacuum bench press


Veneer Press Kits 

Veneering Kits

Using our Vacuum presses, timber  veneers can be laminated  and formed  to various shapes with translucent silicone rubber membrane.

Here at Vacform Composites we also provide Veneering kits, silicone rubber membranes, vacuum pumps, fittings, hoses and other consumables.

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